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Can I run Cyberpunk 2077 on my PC?
Before you buy Cyberpunk 2077 you need to know if your PC can run it well. Smart Game Booster and get your current PC system auto matched with the requirements and boost your PC performance.
How to Increase FPS in Games Through 6 Simple and Useful Ways
Low FPS ruined your gaming experience and want to increase it? This page will show you how to increase FPS in games by 6 simple and useful ways.
How to Build a $600 Gaming PC - a Step-by-Step Guide
Building a $600 gaming PC for the first time is not something that requires someone professional. If you know your way around cables and PC components and follow a good step by step guide, then you can build your gaming PC from scratch.
What is Image Sharpening and How Does It Works for Games?
Image sharpening algorithms are designed to enhance and maintain brightness in the regions of rapid change; mostly edges. The main purpose of image sharpening is to provide a vivid and more esthetic feel to the world of gaming.
Fixed: Flash Player not Working on Chrome on Windows
Some customers are complaining that their Flash Player is not working on Chrome these days. With this issue, they cannot play videos, animations and games on Chrome, which is annoying. This article is going to introduce you some effective ways to fix Flash Player not working on Chrome issues on Windows.
How to Update Xbox One Controller
It is vital to keep your controller up-to-date for the awesome experience. We have compiled a list of three easy methods for users to update their gaming controller easily without involving themselves in any trouble.
How to Change Mouse Sensitivity – Fix Mouse Sensitivity Issue
The interesting fact is that majority of gamers all around the world use a lower mouse sensitivity or keep mouse acceleration turned off when playing a game that needs better movement and aiming accuracy. If you intend to change the mouse sensitivity, let us help you reveal a way how to change it.
How to Get Better Ping in Fortnite
For sure, Fortnite is one of the most anticipated games that has taken over the gaming industry by a massive storm with its cartoonish graphics, exquisite mechanics and gameplay. However, being the most popular game in the world, a few issues are there that should be solved by the developers. Yes, we’re talking about pink issues that most players of all over the world are experiencing in Fortnite: Battle Royale.
Best External GPUs for Laptop
The world of gaming and graphics are continually changing, and new technologies are regularly introducing to keep your experience smooth. Your Laptop doesn’t come with all the best possible hardware as you should have to grab some exquisite equipment for your Laptop to enhance your gaming experience.
4 Methods for How to Change Mouse Sensitivity Windows 10/8/7
Mouse sensitivity refers to the responding speed of mouse pointer to the movement of mouse. Most game players want to increase mouse sensitivity while a few tend to reduce it.
How to Overclock GPU NVIDIA GTX 970 Safely and Quickly?
Are you still relying on an old NVIDIA graphics card, such as the classic GTX 970, to play computer games? Actually, they are too old to run today’s 1080p games. Then, how to overclock GPU NVIDIA GTX 970 for gaming? There is a way.
Wireless Keyboard isn’t Working – How to Fix it?
A Wireless Keyboard is quite easy to use as you don’t need to deal with wires while playing games and performing your graphical jobs. Here's how to fix wireless keyboard isn't working issue.
Best Android Emulators for Windows
The best Android emulators for Windows. For anyone who is looking for Android emulators, here it is. This article introduces and reviews BlueStacks, LDPlayer, and other best Android emulators for Windows uses.
How to Uninstall Xbox Game Bar?
Despite having lots of benefits, there are a few annoying tooltips available. That’s the most prominent reason why gamers are looking for a way to disable or uninstall Xbox Game Bar.
Tips to Fix Steam Errors: Could not connect to Steam Network
We focus on troubleshooting techniques, not just restarting the Steam. Here are some straightforward tips to fix Steam errors: Could not connect to Steam Network.
How to Get Lower Ping while Playing Online Games like PUBG and League of Legends?
The lower ping can be achieved by following a few steps correctly. Note: You can only make lower ping without any issue if you thoroughly follow the steps mentioned in the list.
Steam Keeps Crashing – Here are Some Quick Ways to fix it
The mentioned methods have helped many Steam users, and we are sure one of these methods will be helpful for you to resolve the annoying Steam keeps crashing problem.
How to Download PUBG Game Videos on Instagram - Save Instagram Live Video
How to download Instagram PUBG game videos? If you are interested in those PUBG game video clips on Instagram, this article will show you multiple ways to save Instagram game videos.
A Complete Guide to Explain CS: GO Ranks – What’s Your CS Rank?
Nowadays, playing CS: GO is quite difficult because of hardcore players who won’t show mercy on newbies. Therefore, we jump in to help you in ranking up your rank to obtain new abilities and weaponry.
PC Game Launcher – Here’s a List of Launchers
Many famous publishers are launching their launchers to run the specific game smoothly; on the other hand, they are also introducing third-parties games to their libraries. Approximately 15 years later, there are dozens of Game Launchers

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