Sound Test

Free to check if your headphone and speaker is connected and working properly

How to test sound:

Simply click the left-facing arrow or the right-facing arrow to test the left and right stereo sound.
If you hear a sound coming from the left/right speaker, your speakers and headphone are correctly connected and working.
*Sometimes, the sound may appear with a few seconds delay. Please wait.

Click to start the Sound Tester below

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Failed the sound test? Check the following solutions

You can only hear the test sound from one speaker, or both of them are not working? No worries, let’s troubleshoot the problem.

• Make sure your speakers and headphone are correctly connected to your computer (Usually, theyare connected to the green jack).
• Make sure your speakers and headphone are powered on and they are not in mute mode. It’s better to turn your computer’s volume up for testing as well.
• You computer will probably play the test sound through other connected devices like your headphone. So, you can unplug other devices and make sure your speakers are correctly enabled as the playback device to run the sound test.
• Your speakers may need to be connected to each other, but it depends on your speakers’ model. Some speakers work as long as they connect properly to the computer, while some other speaker models require the connection between each other, and then to the computer.
• Sound card driver issue: missing or outdated sound drivers on your computer may cause speakers no sound. So, reinstall or update sound card drivers may help you pass the sound test.

How to update sound card driver on your Windows PC?
Open “Computer” or “My Computer” > Manage > Device Manager, and double-click on “Sound, video and game controllers”. Right click on the sound card > Properties, and open the Driver tab. Choose “Update Driver…” > “Search automatically for Driver updates.”
Recommend! Download Smart Game Booster to automatically detect promblematic or outdated audio drivers and update drivers with just 1 simple click.
Uninstall sound card drivers from the Device Manager, and then download drivers from your computer manufacturer or driver providers.

Test Sound Online and Risk-free

Test Online

No download, no installation, and no extension required. Finish the sound test directly in your browser.

Easy Sound Test

Run an easy sound test right in your browser. Check your left/right speakers with few simple clicks. You heard the sound, you passed the speaker test.

Free to Use

Without charge, our online sound tester is completely free to use to test your speakers. Even better, there’s no sign up required and no annoying popup ads.

Privacy Guaranteed

The online microphone test tool is 100% secure. Nothing is recorded or uploaded during the Mic test.

Extra tips to get better sound in your computer audio system

• Adjust latency in USB DAC’s control panel: this may have the biggest effect on sound quality improvement, but not all DAC drivers offer a bugger size/latency adjustment. If yours does, set it to the lowest value.
• Use wired Ethernet connection: compared to the Wi-Fi connection, the wired Ethernet connection is more reliable. And it’s easier to achieve premium sound quality due to its audio-grade LAN cables and optimized network devices.
• Keep your computer operating system fresh with a minimum programs running on the background. Because everything that is running on your PC during audio playback can affect the sound quality.
• Additionally, you can also try these methods: shut down LCD screen during the playback, since LCD displays are noisy usually; try to use high-quality power cord for the music server on your PC; optimize PC operating system if possible; and etc.
*In fact, you will be able to install a sound booster tool directly. If you have no idea about how to change the settings properly, why not try Letasoft sound booster tool? It’s easy-to-use, and helps increase volume above maximum for all your favorite PC applications and games.
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