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How Much RAM Do I Need for PC Gaming

RAM actually is one of the most important factors that can affect your gaming experience on PC. This article will help figure out how much RAM do I need for PC gaming.

by Jeremy | Jan 13, 2022

To get the best possible gaming experience, you will not only look into the game and your play skills, but also need to pay attention to the system requirements of your PC. RAM, or system memory, is one of the most important factors that can affect your gaming experience on PC. If you have question about “how much RAM do I need for PC gaming”, you can find answer in this article.

Why RAM Matters in Games?

First of all, why RAM matters in games? Here it is. When you run a game, all its relevant or working data that your PC needs for running a game is stored in the RAM. If the RAM has inadequate amount, your PC won’t be able to store all game-needed data, leading to lagging frames and poor gaming performance. Simply put, the more RAM your PC system has, the faster your game will run.

So, how much RAM do I need for PC gaming? You must notice that many game providers (like SIMS 4 or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare) recommend game players to better have 8GB or 16GB of RAM memory to run their games. Is 16GB RAM memory necessary, even for gaming in 4K, or 4GB of RAM memory is relatively enough for games (at least for most games)?

Let’s see the comparative data of varying RAM usage when gaming at 1080p.

ram usage comparison.jpg


How Much RAM Do I Need for PC Gaming?

How much RAM do I need for PC gaming? Since there are many of you still use regular desktops for gaming, here we check the common RAM capacity options one by one and figure out your real needs. While if you are using gaming PC or the PC equipped with gaming motherboards, then you don’t have to worry about RAM issue.

l  4GB of RAM Memory

Is 4GB of RAM memory enough for most PC games? Generally, 4GB RAM PC is suitable for home and common office use, it is not enough for 2020 PC games.

l  8GB of RAM Memory

8GB RAM is a balance spot. Your PC can run most games without issues at 8GB RAM memory. If you use your PC for gaming a lot, go with this RAM capacity. In fact, some games claim 16GB minimum requirement, but they run at 8GB RAM PC very well.

l  16GB or 32GB of RAM Memory

Is 16GB or 32GB RAM worth investing in for PC gaming? You should consider your budget as well. If you have a powerful PC and enough budget for upgrading, 16GB or even 32GB RAM is a pretty smart choice to get the top PC gaming performance and experience.

See some examples and you’ll know. Here are the system requirements of some popular PC games.

Ø  Red Dead Redemption 2

Mini specs: 8GB memory

Recommended specs: 12GB memory



Mini specs: at least 4GB RAM

Recommended specs: 4GB RAM

Ø  GTA 5

Mini specs: 4GB memory

Recommended specs: 8GB memory


Mini specs: 8GB RAM

Recommended specs: 16GB RAM


Single Module or Multiple Modules?

In addition to figuring out how much RAM do I need for PC gaming, you can also consider choosing single module or multiple module, and which one is better for gaming performance? Actually, this part is barely noticeable in games. The main reason why multiple RAM modules are always recommended is because they are easier to replace in case of failure, and cheaper as well.

For example, if you have two 4GB RAM modules and one fails, your PC can still run, and you can take your time to replace the faulty RAM module. While if you have one single 8GB RAM on your PC, then it’s not working properly until the faulty RAM is replaced.

Bottom Line

Now you won’t ask how much RAM do I need for PC gaming. Basically, 4GB RAM runs some games, but you can’t expect the performance. 8GB RAM can meet the needs of most gamers. If possible, you can equip with PC with 16GB or even 32GB RAM memory for the top PC gaming experience. No matter what, it’s always good to choose multiple RAM modules.



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