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How to Run Shell Script?
Any command you normally want to execute in Terminal can be placed in a script file for execution. If you have a sequence of commands that you often want to execute, you can insert them into a script and simply call the script.
How to Boot in Safe Mode Windows 10?
After rolling out new updates and features, you might have noticed that you can no longer boot windows 10 in safe mode. There is a slight change in procedure, so let’s jump in to find out how you can boot in safe mode using Windows 10.
How to Show File Extensions on Windows 10
File extensions are easy to activate and they don’t require any software downloads to be viewable. Windows has already provided its users with the appropriate tools and features needed to achieve this. Knowing this and implementing it will help users a lot.
How to Fix the “No Sound” Issue on YouTube
On YouTube, we have an endless access to some of the coolest videos ever made. Opening your browser to catch up with your favorite content creator is a fun experience initially. However, discovering that the audio is not working can leave you dismayed.
Disable CompatTelRunner.exe for Fixing High Disk Usage Issue & Ensuring Data Security
CompatTelRunner.exe is the process of Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry, which periodically sends usage and performance data to Microsoft IP addresses. There are 4 solutions to disable CompatTelRunner.exe for fixing high disk usage issue and ensure data security on Windows.
How to Speed Up a Slow Laptop
In this article, we will detail some effective ways to fix a slow laptop. These methods are some of the tried and tested ways people have tackled the problem of slower computers. Without further ado, here they are:
Discord Mic Not Working, How to Fix?
In this article, we have compiled a few helpful ways to keep your VoIP needs in check when it matters the most. Here are the top fixes for your mic issues.
4 быстрых способа отобразить FPS в играх
FPS нужен не просто для хвастовства. Если он будет слишком низким, ваш игровой процесс изрядно пострадает. Тем не менее, если он стабильно высок, вы можете попробовать увеличить настройки для более приятного визуального восприятия. Вот несколько способов, которыми вы можете проверить FPS вашей компьютерной игры.
How to Test Hard Drive Speed
Are a gaming enthusiast and looking for a way how to test your hard drivers? Don’t worry as many users are doing the same to find a solution to boost their gaming performance. Therefore, we have compiled a list of best tools that you can use to check how well your hard drive is doing. Let’s get started!
12 Solutions to Fix
Why isn't Razer Synapse opening on my PC? Here are 12 solutions to detect and fix your issues.
How to Fully Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming in Peak Performance?
how to optimize windows 10 for gaming fully on your laptop? There are step by step guidance to do system optimization for peak computer performance and smooth gaming experience.
How to fix 100% disk usage issues and improve PC performance
Most Window users may have encountered the issue that their disk usage shows 100% in task manager, which leads to the system lagging or slow response. This issue can be caused by the overloaded of the programs, and it will influence both the hard drives and the solid-state drives.
PC Performance Tweaks for Gaming – Boost Your Gaming Rig
Are you looking for a solution for your computer that doesn’t run video games smoothly? If yes, then don’t worry as we are here to help you in tweaking your PC for gaming.
[Complete Guide] How to Speed Up Windows 10
Your computer moves slower and slower. Read this article, and figure out how to speed up Windows 10. Let’s fix PC system issues and boost PC performance effectively.
How to Overclock CPU - A Complete Guide for Newbie
Overclocking helps you boost the performance of your parts. Let's see what is overclocking and how to overclock CPU in this article.
[2020] 5 Best CPU Temperature Monitor Tools for Windows
Is your computer suffering from overheating? Why not get yourself a CPU temp monitor? This article introduces 5 best CPU temperature monitor tools for your Windows PC. Let’s read and get a reliable tool to keep an eye on CPU temp as well as your computer.
Razer Synapse Not Working – Here are Some Solutions
If you’re a gamer, then having no access to Razer Synapse could be frustrating for you. Razer Synapse not working, and here are some solutions.
How to Download and Use Logitech Gaming Software
This article will show you how to download Logitech Gaming Software, and help you figure out all about Logitech Gaming Software for smoother and better gaming experience as well.
How Much RAM Do I Need for PC Gaming
RAM actually is one of the most important factors that can affect your gaming experience on PC. This article will help figure out how much RAM do I need for PC gaming.

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